Le Coq Sportif Collaboration With French Rapper Soprano

LCS X Soprano Collection

This press release was written on 02 August 2022

While the rap sensation Soprano needs no introduction in France, we thought you’d like to know a little more about our latest collaboration. Saïd M'Roubaba, (AKA Soprano) is a French local hailing from the coastal city of Marseilles. Born in 1979, it seemed that Soprano was predestined to become a legend in the French rap scene. The year 1979 marks the famous single “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang, which was released by one of the few independent African American labels at the time. Soprano reportedly discovered his love for the rap genre through artists hailing from the United States of America like Kriss Kross.

You can listen to Rapper’s Delight here https://youtu.be/rKTUAESacQM

The love that Soprano had for music led him to eventually form his own hip-hop crew in the late 90s, consisting of his family and close friends. The small 4-person crew dubbed themselves “Psy 4 de la rime” which translates directly to ”Psy 4 of rhyme”. However, the more accurate translation is the Four Psychiatrists of Rhyme. The name was derived from the crew’s shared passion for the human psyche and lyrical flow. The passion of the group was well received and their first two records achieved gold status shortly after both releases.

Soprano’s role in his hip-hop crew was only the beginning of his success as a celebrated rapper. Multiple labels offered Soprano a solo record release and he released a 2006 mixtape to evaluate his options. Due to the success of his mixtape and the encouragement from his label, Soprano soon released his first studio album.

Soprano’s debut album made the top 100 on Billboard’s European charts and landed second on the French album charts. While Soprano drew inspiration from many well-known hip-hop artists, he also included West African musical influences.

If you’d like to check out Soprano’s music, watch his newest music video NKOTB on the official Soprano YouTube account.

While Soprano is celebrated as one of the most successful French hip-hop artists, he is famous for more than his music. Soprano’s music is renowned for the unique insights that he expresses through music and the lyrical flow it is delivered in. It is reported that Soprano aimed to use his platform for good and wanted to redefine how hip-hop and rap are viewed. Soprano’s rap music strives to define hip-hop as a genre that can be positive, uplifting and unite different cultures and people.

This is what led to Le Coq Sportif’s collaboration with Soprano. The shared values of drive, commitment to goals and joy in unifying people. Le Coq Sportif and Soprano also both aim to spread positive messages and ideas to the youth. The brand met with Soprano in 2021 to plan his collaboration that would run worldwide. One of the main concepts created was “Chasseur d'étoiles”, which translates to “star chaser”. This concept epitomises Le Coq Sportif & Soprano’s ideas on shooting for the stars and achieving dreams. The entire collaboration speaks to having the will to pursue your goals and the courage to withstand difficulties.

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